Company Policy

HPM ITALIA SRL is committed to pursuing this company policy by always supporting it and disseminating it to its employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders involved in business processes. The company management firmly believes in the principles listed in this policy that are the tool for the continuous satisfaction of its customers and employees. Consistent with the corporate guidelines aimed at achieving an effective and efficient organization able to meet the needs of the stakeholders involved, our company has adopted, maintains and seeks continuous improvement of its System for the quality management of work processes allowing us to:
- Identify and monitor current and future needs and meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders;
- Identify and monitor potential business risks and opportunities for development and improvement;
- Ensure:
+ Ongoing training for all employees according to their specific duties;
+ The broader and more frequent involvement of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the organization and service;
+ Daily research to perfect the management tool adopted to effectively achieve such involvement and contribute to the improvement of the product and service required;
+ That in the context of these activities, as in any working moment, ideas and proposals for improvement must be encouraged;
+ That the Management, starting from the Customer's needs and those of the market, may annually define a Company Improvement Plan, specifying the company and individual objectives that each Manager, based on what has been indicated and for what is within his competence, develops and carries out.

The Management also considers it of fundamental importance to ensure:
- Attention to the enhancement and involvement of personnel for a wide use of current and potential capabilities;
- Clarity and transparency with customers;
- A high-quality commercial service;
- Meeting all the needs and demands of customers and stakeholders;
- Those business decisions are made based on timely analysis of reliable data and continuous monitoring of the business context analysis as well as of possible business risks and/or opportunities;
- The availability of highly prepared personnel characterized by correct ethical behaviour;
- The development of skills and constant training for all employees according to their specific tasks;
- The broader and more frequent involvement of all personnel as a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the organization and the service;
- The constant attention and prevention towards the protection of health and occupational diseases as well as towards the safety of its workers;
- The development and maintenance of a practical and functional internal and external communication system;
- The commitment to compliance with the applicable regulations and requirements of the customers;
- Attention to the prevention of emergencies and promptness in responding to them through emergency management simulations;
- Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
- Involvement of third-party suppliers for environmental protection and respect for health and safety in the workplace.

The leadership of HPM ITALIA SRL, thanks to the professional commitment and a reliable management of its activities of design and distribution of gas meters, as well as the support to customers in the search, identification and qualification of new suppliers, intends to consolidate within its sector, making quality a strong point and an essential foundation on which to base its business growth.

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HPM Italia Company Policy. 22/03/2022

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